Apple pays the most for entry-level software engineers compared to Amazon, Google, and others…

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Despite COVID19, Apple still remains the most competitive when compared to other Silicon Tech Valley companies. All businesses are finding themselves in a place they need to continue to retain good workers and still manage to pay their existing ones.

A report surfaced last week saying Apple has been on a hiring “spree” of cloud-based engineers. Apple is lagging behind the competition such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google with what it offers on the web. However, more recently the company has started to refocus its attention.

As all the companies battle for engineers, as of right now, Apple is winning. According to crowdsourcing website, Apple remains the most competitive with the highest base salary for an entry-level software engineer.

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Apple does offer a higher base salary of $125,840, the 2nd closest would be Google with $120,869. However, Google does offer a higher bonus and stock paycheck compared to Apple and others. Regardless of the bonus and stock payouts, it’s impressive Apple leads the pack. Given it is a $1 trillion company and the largest tech one in the world. It’s a relatively small cloud-based department when compared to Google, the home of the internet is an interesting fact.

The data comes from, which takes data not only from real employees but also from job searching sites such as Glassdoor and Linkedin to comply the data. The website is updated often with new roles and jobs being added daily.

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