Facebook gives its AI system a new life

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Facebook, the epicenter of social media is giving its AI system a huge upgrade. In a detailed report by TechCrunch, they detail how exactly Facebook is using its AI to remove fake news and misleading information from its platform.

Fake news on Facebook, and social media in general has become a hot and often heated topic of discussion, one that has found Facebook in deep hot political waters. Now with COVID19 around, fake news is turning into a inconvenience to users, and more into a public health risk.

The report outlines how Facebook is using AI in images to detect what could be real or fake, as per the report:

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In some ways they’re nearly identical, with the same background image, colors, typeface and so on. But the second one is slightly different — it’s the kind of thing you might see when someone takes a screenshot and shares that instead of the original. The third is visually the same but the words have the opposite meaning.

An unsophisticated computer vision algorithm would either rate these as completely different images due to those small changes (they result in different hashes) or all the same due to overwhelming visual similarity. Of course we see the differences right away, but training an algorithm to do that reliably is very difficult. And the way things spread on Facebook, you might end up with thousands of variations rather than a handful.

Facebook is using this technology right inside all of its apps and platforms. But, an issue arises from the technologies ability to detect memes vs. hate speech. Facebook says they will try to use the types of interactions that post get to differentiate between them.

TechCrunch’s actual report is incredibly detailed and definitely worth a read, check it out here.

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