Facebook rolling out Memoji like avatars in the US

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After being launched internationally last year, Facebook is now rolling out its Apple Memoji-like avatars in the US. As noted by The Verge these avatars can be used on all Facebook platforms inside of comments, stores, messengers, and at a later point in time as the background in posts.

“So much of our interactions these days are taking place online, which is why it’s more important than ever to be able to express yourself personally on Facebook,” Simo wrote. “It’s important to us that you can personalize your avatar so it represents your unique, authentic self, which is why we’re also adding in a new range of customizations, too — such as new hairstyles, complexions, and outfits.” Facebook’s avatars debuted in Australia last June.

The Verge

If you want to make an avatar, you should see a button when you head to comment on a post that will prompt you to customize it. As you’d expect, you can customize its hair, eyes, clothes, and more. The new roll-out to the US is thought to have been sped up due to stay at home orders around the world and increased online activity.

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