Uber updates its iOS app with new COVID19 checklist items

uber app covid19 checklist rect

Uber announced today that it is adding new features to its Uber app and Uber Driver app on iOS to better ensure everyone’s safety during rides. In a blog post, the company outlines its biggest change which will require drivers to visually confirm they are wearing a mask.

Drivers will be asked to complete a checklist of items, which includes that they aren’t infected with COVID19, that they have sanitized their car, and that they wash their hands. Additionally, drivers must submit a picture to confirm they are wearing a mask. Uber says its using use its Real-Time ID Check system to detect if a mask is being worn, it says it does not process biometric data. It says it will keep doing this until the end of June but may extend it depending on the crisis at the time.

For drivers in the US, Canada, India, Latin America, and the majority of Europe, if they aren’t wearing a mask they won’t be allowed to pick up passengers.

For passengers, they’ll to get a similar experience. They’ll be required to complete a checklist confirming they are wearing a mask, without needing to verify it, too confirm they will sit in the back sit, and keep the windows open for “ventilation.”

It’s also allowing passengers to cancel a trip if a driver isn’t wearing mask without mentally, that driver will then be reported to the company and may face consequences. Uber also touts its donation of more than $50 million to purchase suppliers like masks, hand sanitizer, and gloves and got son to talk about how the company is taking steps to help us all.

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