President Trump floats the idea that Apple could get taxed higher

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In a recent interview with Fox Business News, President Trump floated the idea that companies such as Apple, or companies who produce products outside of the United States could get taxed higher. President Trump has campaigned aggressively on bringing jobs back to the United States, yet Apple remains hesitant due to higher costs and a lack of capable workers.

“You know, if we wanted to put up our own border, like other countries do to us, Apple would build 100 percent of their product in the United States,” Trump said. “That’s the way it would work.”

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The White House has already pushed Apple in multiple corners with its ongoing trade war with China. Apple only recently got an exemption for some products from the tariffs, however, danger still looms. CEO Tim Cook has tried to ease any economic burden from a potential all-out trade war with China onto Apple consumers.

Apple remains heavily based in China, yet recent reports suggest that its chip supplier TSMC may move to the United States. Tim Cook has repeatedly stated that its investment in the American economy remains a strong focal point for the company. In December, President Trump visited Apple’s Mac Pro plant in Austin, Texas to promote Apple bringing jobs back.

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