Apple Maps get silent voice navigation update

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Despite being a time where almost the whole world population is stuck home, according to AutoEvolution, Apple has pushed an update to Apple Maps with new phrases, per the report:

Apple has silently updated the Siri guidance with more phrases and information when you get closer to the destination. While the closer arrival entrances messages have been around for a while for some, they are now going live for more users.

And at the same time, Apple has also added new guidance when the user enters a parking lot, which is a welcome change especially as Apple Maps is now expanding its coverage. So now when you’re about to reach your destination, the Siri guidance tells “you’ve entered the parking lot.”

These changes were initially being tested for some users, however, now seems to be live. The changes are only in the United States. For an example of the new guidance for parking lots, watch the video in the inital report here.

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