COVID19 test with your phone? Researchers say yes.

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Testing remains a top issue for governments to deal with; the more tests, the more confirmed COVID-19 cases. While tests are in shortly supply, iPhones arent. A new team of US-based researchers is looking into a sensor that can detect if a person has COVID19 using their iPhone, via the Metro:

A US-based research team are developing a sensor that attaches to a phone and can tell a user if they are infected within 60 seconds. It is hoped the relatively cheap sensor, costing around £45, will be available within three months. Project leader Professor Massood Tabib-Azar, an engineer at the University of Utah in the US, believes it will play a big role in tracking the pandemic. The gadget was originally developed to combat the mosquito-borne Zika virus that triggered a global health emergency in 2016 after being linked to severe birth defects.

The man leading the effort Professor Massod Tabib-Azar who says they started it 12 months ago with the aim of helping people detect Zika, a mosquito-transmitted virus. For COVI19, Pro. Azar says “If someone breathes, coughs, sneezes or blows on the sensor, it would be able to tell if they had Covid-19.” After a person does the test, they’ll get the results via an app that’s aimed to be done by July.

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