Apple Stores slowly start reopening in Europe and the US

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Apple shut down its stores in March to help limit the spread of COVID19, now, as countries start to ease back social restrictions and lockdown procedures, Apple Stores are reopening.

Apple says they will open stores on a staggered and country by coutntry cases, keeping in line with health officials advice. When stores do open, they’ll be under new health screening measures, learn more here.

The list below will be updated as Apple announces new store reopening around the world:

May 25th- Both Stores in Japan

According to its website, Apple will reopen both of its Apple Stores in japan, one in Fukuoka and the 2nd one in Nagoya Sakae on May 27th.

May 18th- Apple Preps Mass Reopening

Bloomberg reports today following a letter sent by Apple’s Senior VP of Retail and People Dieire O’Brien that the company plans to reopen 25 Apple Stores across the United States and in Canada. The exact dates and/or locations are unknown at this point in time.

May 15th- Some Stores in Italy

Via Bloomberg, Apple has announced it will reopen 10 out of 17 of its Apple Stores in Italy starting next week.

May 12th- Anchorage Set to Reopen

Apple updated its website to announce that its Apple Store in Anchorage, Alaska will reopen on May 15th at 11AM.

May 8th- US Slowly Reopens

Apple announced that it would slowly start to reopen stores in the US starting with 4 states, and will monitor the ongoing situation.

May 8th- Germany Reopens

Apple announced that all of its stores in Germany would reopen on May 11th,

May 4th- Australia Reopens

Apple announced that 21 out of its 22 stores in the country would reopen on May 7th, with the exception of its store in Sydney.

May 5th- Austria Reopens

Apple announced the day before that its one Apple Stores in Vienna would reopen on May 6th, becoming the first Apple Store in Europe to reopen.

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