NHS delays COVID19 contact tracing app, now says coming within “weeks”

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Update- May 20th- PM Boris Johnson Sets June 1st

PM Boris Johnson has promised to have a COVID19 contact tracing app fully up and running by June 1st The Telegraph reports. The report states it comes on the heels of the PM wanting to reopen schools and hopes that the system will ease any concerns for teachers, parents, and students alike.

Following a frenzy of chaos, the NHS is now pushing the launch of its COVID19 contact tracing app even further. It was reported that the app was set for launch in mid-May, now the app is set to launch within “weeks.

James Slack a spokesperson for Prime Minister Boris Johnson told reports that the aim is to get the app out in the coming weeks, but left out any reason for a delay. Testing of the app continues in the Isle of Wight where already users have complained about false alerts, incompatibility issues, battery drainage, and the app has faced a barrage of privacy backlash.

The 1st app, presumed to be the app rolling out to the public does not use Apple and Google’s API, instead, it has opted for a UK “centralized “standard.” Privacy advocates say that standard could spell harm for users. It was reported that the NHS was looking into a 2nd app with the Silicon Valley API, however, that does not seem to be the case.

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