Octopus Apple Pay support may arrive on May 20th

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Octopus in Hong Kong has long promised Apple Pay support, first promising a rollout at the end of 2019, then promising it sometime early in 2020. Well, now thanks to updated terms and conditions it could be coming soon.

As noted by this Weibo account, Octopus updated its terms and conditions with mentions of Apple Pay possibly launching on May 20th. The updated policy does not state directly that Apple Pay support would be coming on the 20th of May, however, it does say that a section of the policy called “Schedule of Fees and Guidelines relating to the use of Octopus” would be effective on May 20th.

The start of the document directly mentions Apple Pay and says its subject to the “Conditions of Issue of Octopus.” The fee schedule would be included in those conditions. The policy does state the fees and guidelines have been implemented since March, but the updated terms may be related to Apple Pay being launched on May 20th.

Apple rolled out new transit cards earlier in April in China and Hong Kong, to surprise not including Octopus. The 20th of May would also land on a Wednesday, a day we typically get iOS updates. Apple is currently beta testing iOS 13.5, and a full launch with the COVID19 “exposure notification” is set for mid-May, May 20th being an ideal date for both the update and Apple Pay support to arrive.

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