New details on Apple Glasses; Jon Prosser

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Apple leaker Jon Prosser released a video today about the long-rumored AR glasses called Apple Glasses. First Jon tells us the price will be $499 with prescription, including that all data is paired with the iPhone. The release will be apart of a “One more thing…” event in Q4 of this year, however, notes that COVID19 is being an issue.

Jon says they want the media in person, so they may push it into Q1 of 2021 when hopefully things have died down slightly. Jon says that he is trying to get the legal approval to share a video of the prototype. He says he saw a plastic frame, however, notes the final version may be metal. It has LiDAR on the right side, there are no cameras due to privacy.

Plus, he says it comes with a plastic stand for charging, where they sit upside down to charge. Unlike typical AR glasses where only one lens shows information, the Apple Glasses has both lenses displaying information.

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