Twitter testing a feature which lets you choose who can nreply to your tweets

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Twitter announced today it’s testing a brand new feature on iOS, Android, and the web that lets people choose who can reply to their tweet. In a blog post-Twitter’s Director of Product Management explains:

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Twitter is where you go to see and talk about what’s happening. But sometimes, unwanted replies make it hard to have meaningful conversations. (Ahem, reply guys.) Since last year, we’ve been working to give people more control over their conversations starting with the ability to hide replies. We also began trying out new ways to start conversations with casual, fleeting thoughts. And now, we’re testing new settings that let you choose who can reply to your Tweet and join your conversation.

There will be a total of 3 options, one where anyone can reply, a 2nd where only people you follow, and the last one is only people you mention in the tweet. Twitter says they will test with a small group of users at first.

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