TSMC scores big win with OEM orders for the A14 chip; IT House

oem orders for the iphone 12 rect

IT House reports after much uncertainty, the A14 chip for the iPhone 12 lineup will be built solely by TSMC and will use the supplier’s new 5nm processor, the translated report says:

IT House learned that the processor used in Apple ’s iPhone 12 will be built by TSMC ’s 5-nanometer process, and the processor in the previously released iPhone SE will be manufactured by TSMC.

The report also cites a note from JPMorgan Chase saying that around 18% of TSMC’s revenue this year will come from the production of these chips. A leaked image a week ago reportedly showed that the iPhone 12 would use the 5nm processor, but now seemingly confirmed.

Earlier this week China had threatened Apple and other American companies with retaliation over the US’s treatment over Huawei. That came the same day TSMC’s announced it would build a plant in the country, it had no choice but to suspend orders with the Chinese-owned company.

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