YouTube adds bedtime reminders to YouTube Wellness and Screen Time Tools

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YouTube has announced on May 20, 2020 a “bedtime” reminder to their YouTube Wellness and screen time tools. The most recent tool on this list was “take a break” which was added back in 2018 which took a total of 3 billion reminders over the last two years, according to YouTube themselves.

Bedtime reminders will allow you to set “specific times to stop watching videos and  (you guessed it!) go to bed”. According to the YouTube blog post, “You set start and end times in your Settings, including whether or not you want the prompt to interrupt a video or wait until the video is over. You’ll also be able to dismiss or snooze the reminder.”

The feature will be available on iOS and Android YouTube apps starting on May 20, 2002 but will take a few days for everyone to experience the update. To turn it on in settings follow this tutorial YouTube/Google has written.

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