Apple confirms iOS 13.5 does not track users automatically, debunking online myths

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Following the release of iOS 13.5 with the Apple and Google COVID19 exposure notification API, some users flocked to social media making bogus claims the software automatically tracks them. The posts were spin-off with real screenshots of the update and/or of the API, however, the connotation to be false.

Apple confirmed to Reuters that it does not track users permissions without consent from the user, saying in a statement:

“You will still need to download an app from a public health agency to use the Exposure Notifications feature,”

Apple Statement to Reuters

The false narrative meant to make it sound like the exposure notification API was tracking users all the time and was a clear “evidence” of Apple’s privacy negligence. In the weeks before its pubic rollout, the API faced heavy criticism from around the world over how it handled data. Apple and Google stayed put saying it protected user privacy, detailing exactly how information was processed on and off the device.

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