A sudden surge in iPad demand pushes Apple to ask supplier for LCD panels urgently

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LG Displays, an LCD panel display supplier has been asked to produce LCD panels for the iPad at an abnormally fast rate thanks to a surge in demand. As Business Korea reports:

Earlier, Apple cut orders for the second quarter in anticipation of a significant contraction in the general consumer (B2C) market due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus. However, it started to place additional orders as demand for the iPad surged in Asia due to the spread of remote education and telecommuting in Asia, a region which was relatively successful in coping with COVID-19

LG Display is now under increased pressure to produce the higher volume of displays given orders are typically made at least 3 months in advance. As one industry insider said:

“Since BOE of China and Sharp of Japan are also major suppliers of panels for the Apple iPad, LG Display needs to respond quickly to Apple’s request not to lose the order to its rivals,”

LG Displays is a rumored supplier for the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 model. Samsung will be making the majority of displays for the lineup according to a recent report. LG Displays had a tough Q1 of this year, reporting a $39.1 billion revenue loss due to lower demands. While this new batch of orders from Apple is not going to make up for the lost cash, it does single a new surge in demand.

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