Apple TV+ sees arguably decent success compared to Netflix and others

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A brand new field survey by Parks Associates released today shows that despite being released for less than a year, Disney+ and Apple TV+ are catching up to the competition.

The survey which was conducted between March 8th and April 3rd with 10,000 participants in the United States shows that Disney + household adoption is up 25%, Apple TV+ up 10%.

The survey was conducted during the COVID19 pandemic, which leads to increased use of online video services. An interesting tidbit from the report is that 81% of Disney + and 72% of Apple TV+ users are also subscribed to Netflix. The Research Director for the marketing firm Steve Nason says that Apple TV+ is seeing success partially due to the free 1-year subscription that comes with new devices.

“Apple TV+ promoted a small stable of original programming and is now looking to supplement that with more third-party content,” Nason said. “Apple TV+’s growth is due largely to a free year of service for those who recently purchased an Apple device, which brings the firm’s brand loyalists into the service. Apple TV+ does have a higher percentage of exclusive non-Netflix subscribers, plus a higher number of households that recently cancelled another OTT service, so it appears Apple does have a core group of dedicated subscribers. Apple’s challenge is to expand beyond that group.”

Apple TV+ is struggling in a market where the competition is fierce. A more recent report shows the extreme steps Apple is taking to try and catch up. Most notable Bloomberg reported that Apple is buying older TV shows and movies in hopes to build its catalog.

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