Facebook launches a new app aimed at live events, hopes to go after Twitter

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Facebook is continuing on its latest roll of new app releases from its internal beta team, this week with a new app called Venue. The app is aimed at live events, with the ultimate goal of going after Twitter. Currently, Twitter servers as the home for the internet to get live commentary, news, and information about an event as it happens.

Venue by Facebook spins on Twitter’s approach. instead of an endless stream of content, Venue will curate commentary from journalists and other personalities related to the event. As the TechCrunch says:

These commentators will provide their own takes on the event and pose interactive questions and polls for those watching. The event host may also open up short, constrained chats around specific moments during the event — but fan commentary isn’t the main focus of the app.

In addition, fans don’t stay glued to their phone during the entire event when using Venue. Instead, the app sends out a notification to users when there’s a new “moment” available in the app. These “moments” aren’t like Twitter’s summaries. They’re one of the short, digital opportunities where fans can participate.

The app is available for download on iOS and Android starting today.

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