Italian authorities reject appeal request forcing Apple to pay €10 million in iPhone throttling lawsuit

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Apple is being forced to pay €10 million apart of a lawsuit claiming the company throttles back iPhone performance according to a Twitter post. As per that report:

The conclusion of the AGCM that the omissions and insufficient information on the batteries of the iPhones by Apple until December 2017, result to be integrated with an incorrect commercial practice pursuant to art. 22 of the Consumer Code: this conclusion is based on the observation that the disclosed omission of information, relating to one of the main characteristics of the product that affected its performance and duration, led consumers to make mistakes both in the purchase decision and, above all, in that of correct use and replacement of iPhone devices.

Apple was hit with the €10 million fine in 2018 in Italy over allegations of throttling back iPhone performance and not fully disclosing that fact to users. Apple rejected the lawsuit but indirectly admitted it was true. The company posted a public apology offering iPhone battery replacements to those who would have been affected. In iOS 11.3 Apple added a Battery Health tab meant to provide users with more insights into the state of their battery.

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