TikTok apologizes and blames tech after claims of racism

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Recently, TikTok has been under fire by many after this Twitter post showing that hashtags such as “#BlackLivesMatter” & any tag regarding the death of George Floyd seem to have been blocked and censored by the platform.

According to TikTok, this isn’t the case.

TikTok has stated that a technical glitch happened in which made it appear to users that videos using these hashtags had 0 views & was entirely a display issue.

According to TikTok, as of June 2nd videos containing these hashtags in total actually has over 2 billion views.

TikTok released this statement pertaining to the situation:

“We acknowledge and apologize to our Black creators and community who have felt unsafe, unsupported, or suppressed,” reads the post from TikTok. “We don’t ever want anyone to feel that way. We welcome the voices of the Black community wholeheartedly.”

Thanks to a report by CNN, the “#ImBlackMovement” in which called out the censorship of black creators of the platform is where most of these stated technical display issues started.

TikTok has now apologized multiple times and now says they will be working to promote diversity on the platform.

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