New details emerge on upcoming Apple Watch Sleep Tracking feature

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Update June 16th- Tracking User iPhone Usage

Leaker Fudge today shared new tidbits from iOS 14 and/or watchOS 7 code that reveals sleep mode will analyze your sleeping pattern based on how often you use your iPhone throughout the night.

iOS Sleep Mode is expected to work in conjunction with the new watchOS and if a user wears their watch to bed, it can silently wake them up according to the account. From the sounds of it will be a build off to the current Bedtime iOS feature built within the iOS clock app.

Prominent Twitter Apple leaker Fudge has shared new details on what we presume will be a headlining feature of watchOS 7, Sleep Tracking. While the account does not specifically state its too appear in the next watchOS version, the timing of the leak less than 2 weeks away from WWDC is a tell-all.

We previously knew that Apple was preparing Sleep tracking for the watch, but lacked any concrete data on how it’ll behave and interact with the system. Firstly, the leaker shares a quote from presumably the OS itself. The snippet says that in order for the wearer to get a better night’s sleep, the device will use the user’s sleep schedule to enable DND and automatically lock/dim the display.

This behavior would be following some cues from Bedtime which was introduced on iOS 12. During Bedtime, iOS blocks any notifications from the lockscreen, requiring users to swipe to see them.

In a 2nd tweet, we learn that the Watch will need to be charged at least 30% in order for Sleep Tracking to work. A key point is that we still don’t know which watchOS models will be supported. However, given the fact that only 30% is needed, it could be a hint that only the Series 5 or above would be supported due to their larger batteries. In context, watchOS updates require 50% of battery. Needing only 30% to last 8 hours, the recommended hours of sleep whilst tracking user movement and metrics are rather impressive.

Sleep Tracking will also be able to detect when the user wakes back up, suggesting that they turn off Sleep Tracking and disable the alarm. The Watch would in theory use movement, possibly heart rate, and/or sound to analyze if a user is awake or not.

Additionally, the leaker teases a Control Center button within iOS 14 for enabling “Sleep Mode.” It’s unclear why a iOS toggle is nesscary, it could be a hint that Sleep Tracking would expand beyond watchOS and into iOS with deepter integrations with iOS Do Not Disturb.

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