App Store Connect gets a much-needed redesign, is finally responsive

apple redesigns app store connect rect

6 days out of WWDC 2020, Apple has redesigned App Store Connect with a new look, and finally, 13 years after its initial debut, has made it mobile responsive. The change was silent, Apple did not announce the new design officially instead it was first spotted by Twitter user @dancingpandor.


Now, thanks to the new design being mobile response, developers can now more easily access their app information including TestFlight details right on their phone via the website.

Current feedback hints that the design is slightly buggy with small UI glitches, and one user complaining the new design removed their app screenshots. The new changes will be highly welcomed by developers who have long sought Apple to update the services outdated design. It remains unclear if other backend changes were made, however, currently, it simply seems to be cosmetic.

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