iMac with Face ID allegedly mentioned in code discovered by leaker

imac with face idwwed2020 rect 1

Apple is expected to launch a brand new iMac at WWDC 2020 now less than a week away. The new device is thought to introduce a completely new design with thinner bezels a T2 chip, AMD Navi GPU, and the death of Fusion Drive.

In the final days ahead of the event, new leaks from a new Twitter account indicate that the new iMac may come with FaceID. The account, @blue_kanikama has tweeted out a picture allegedly showing a FaceID.plist file within code, to support it, the account shared schematic images which it says came from iOS 14.

The images show an iMac design with rounded edges and the True Depth camera system on the top, following the lead of the iPad Pro. Also corroborating the images is another account, @iFinder_rus which shows images of a similar iMac design.

The original report that Apple will release a new iMac at WWDC from leaker Sonny Dickson says that the edges of the device will be like the Pro Display XDR which doesn’t have rounded edges questing the legitimacy of the schematic leaked.

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