It’s time Apple redesigns the currently useless iOS Contacts app, new concepts shows off potential

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The iOS Contacts app is one of the most useless apps that Apple offers on iOS. The majority of users either place it in a “Useless Apps” folder or delete it altogether. The app is plain, offers no real features, but it has some much potential.

Our phonebooks are massive, sometimes synced with our emails meaning hundreds of work contacts mixed with personal contacts such as friends and family. While the current Contacts app does offer the ability to group contacts, it’s slow, tedious, and is not user friendly.

A concept by designer Jake Sworski shows what Apple could do with the app, making it so much more useful. The concept envisions a simple yet informative layout. Users groups would be displayed in rows on the screen with quick actions to text, messages, FaceTime, etc… With the help of 3D Touch/Haptic Touch, the contact card expands, displaying more information such as email, address, birthday, and more.

The concept, whether or not Apple adopts a similar scheme is a great example of how the company could take an old and frankly abandoned app and modernize it with actual usefulness. iOS 14 will be revealed at WWDC on June 22nd. iOS 14 is not expected to introduce a major OS redesign, but it is likely some small refinements will appear in stock iOS apps.

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