Will Apple drop the 10. in macOS updates? These leakers seem to think so.

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Every year prior to WWDC we alway ask the same question, what will macOS be called this year?

Since OS X Apple used to name their Mac releases with big cats name such as Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Tiger, and so forth. In 2014, Apple switched it up, opting to landmarks in California starting with macOS Yosemite.

Despite the names, the numbering has always been based on OS X with macOS Yosemite being 10.10, macOS El Capitan 10.11, etc… The naming system has served Apple well but has not been in line with the rest of its OS lineup. Apple moved in a more synced direction in 2016 when it switched from its OS X layout to macOS, better fitting the tvOS, watchOS, iOS style.

Now, less than 6 days away from the launch of the next version of macOS two leakers are hinting that Apple will drop the 10. naming altogether. A Twitter account that goes by @a_rumors0000 tweeted out today “macOS 11“. The account is a unique one, reporting content that seems to be credible, most notably reporting the prospect of a foldable iPhone nearly two weeks before Jon Prosser mentioned it. However, we still question the credibility of the account as of now.

In a possible endorsement of the idea, reliable leaker @l0vetodream retweeted Apple developer @_inside implying that Apple should rename macOS 10.16 to macOS 14 and watchOS 7 to watchOS 14. Twitter user @komiya_english also shared that when trying to open the leaked Gobi, the expected new AR app, it states it requires macOS 14.0 or later.

Both accounts are reliable in their own sense. However, it seems unlikely Apple would jump from a .16 release to a 14. release. It’s worth noting that if Apple were to drop the “10.’, it would still retain a proper name like Catalina. The company jumping to macOS 11 would make more sense than a jump to 14.0. Apple is expected to launch a major shift to ARM chips at WWDC, and the new major 11.0 update would signify that major change in the Mac lineup. Either way, for such a large jump like this regardless of who the leakers are, we’d take it with a grain of salt.

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