It’s time Apple completely redesigns the stock iOS Mail app

tiem for a enw mail app rect

The stock iOS Mail app sometimes gets the job done. With iOS 13, it was made worse with emails not syncing alongside the currently outdated design on iOS.

If you were to compare Apple’s Mail app to other 3rd party apps it’s almost a no brainer. The stock app lacks productivity features for hardcore email users and lacks in overall stability. The design itself is flat, and while it does offer some nice feature, it’s long overdue for a revamp.

Thankfully, thanks to interactive concept designer Rito De Damacia, we get an overly hopeful look at what Apple could do with the app. The concept envisions a completely redesigned experience from the bottom up. Firstly, along the top, you’ll have access to your different inboxes, when inside of an account, all of your inboxes are displayed by swiping down in large typography.


In comparison, the current mail app requires you to exit back and forth between the menu to navigate your emails. The concept also offers you a thumbnail picture of the sender and the compose button is logically placed in the bottom right-hand corner. Plus, there’s a subtle wallpaper that gets set in the background, giving you an added level of depth and customization.

While it’s unlikely Apple will follow in the footsteps of the concept, it’s still worth a visit. It’s incredibly well made and detailed in great length, check it out here.

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