Apple may decide to rename iOS back to iPhoneOS; leaks

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A string of screenshots from an anonymous account that has leaked a number of glyphs and images from a leaked iOS 14 build brings up the possibility that Apple may rename iOS back to iPhoneOS.

In a screenshot discussing AirTags and its use of Ultra WideBand in a .plists file, the name iPhoneOS appears under-supported platforms. The naming is repeated in a number of other screenshots related to Ultra Wideband on the iPad and another .plists file related to tvOS .

iPhoneOS was the original name of the operating system and was renamed to iOS in 2010. Last year, with the release of iOS 13 Apple split the software making iPadOS. The move was to further distinguish the OS from the iPad which has iPad specific features such as Split View. A move to rename iOS back to iPhoneOS could help streamline Apple’s marketing for its operating systems. The possibility of such a change was also supported by Apple leaker Jon Prosser.

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