Phill Schiller says rules will not change on the App Store

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Following backlash over Apple’s decision to remove the email app HEY from the App Store because it doesn’t use the company’s in-app purchasing system Apple’s Phill Schiller in an interview with TechCrunch says there will be no changes to App Store rules.

“Sitting here today, there’s not any changes to the rules that we are considering,” Schiller said. “There are many things that they could do to make the app work within the rules that we have. We would love for them to do that.”

In the interview, Phill says that when downloading the app it doesn’t work as marketed and that it’s not what the company wants on the App Store.

“You download the app and it doesn’t work, that’s not what we want on the store,” says Schiller. This, he says, is why Apple requires in-app purchases to offer the same purchasing functionality as they would have elsewhere.

To be clear, this is against the App Store rules for most apps. The exceptions here are apps that are viewed as ‘readers’ that only display external content of certain types like music, books and movies — and apps that only offer bulk pricing options that are paid for by institutions or corporations rather than the end user.

Schiller is clear on our call that Hey does not fit these rules.

“We didn’t extend these exceptions to all software,” he notes about the ‘reader’ type apps — examples of which include Netflix. “Email is not and has never been an exception included in this rule.”

You can read the full interview here.

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