iOS 14 concept perfectly shows us what Apple will likely never give us

perfect ios rect

iOS and iPadOS 14 are set to be an interesting release with mixed feelings over how of an big update it’ll be. From what we know right now from leaks and reports it’s going to offer much-neeeded refinements and features instead of big drastic changes.

Nonetheless, we can still hope and dream. A concept by designer Stijn van Oosterwijk is literally the perfect iOS. It showcases a completely rethought user experience in almost every place in the app. It’s incredibly well made and looks like it came straight out of Apple’s website.

iOS 13 was set to be the “let’s fix iOS” release, while iOS 14 will likely introduce more new features than iOS 13, a major redesign to the system is rumored to be happening in 2021. Either way, WWDC is around right the corner and we couldn’t be more excited for what Apple has in store.

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