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Two days out from this year’s World Wide Developer Conference, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has shared what he believes Apple will announce amidst angry in the developer community

In the past few days, Apple has found itself on the wrong-side of developers ahead of a conference meant to inspire and motivate them. Apple’s decision to block the release of an update to email app HEY due to the developers not complying with its in-app purchasing system has called into question App Store policy.

The rejection of the app itself was seen as upsetting, however, Apple’s statement to the developers made it worse. The statement said that Basecamp, the developers of HEY haven’t generated revenue for the App Store in 8 years. Marc Edwards, a developer in the community interpreted that this way.

 “It reads as ‘you have no value to us unless you’re earning us tons of cash,’” 

On the flip side, there are developers coming to Apple’s defense saying that the App Store is their business, hence, we play by their rules. David Barnard a developer advocate at RevenueCat says this,

 “I’ve had Apple capriciously reject my apps for over a decade now,” David Barnard, developer advocate at RevenueCat, said. “At some point you just come to accept the fact that Apple is a for-profit company doing everything they can to maximize shareholder value.”

In response, Apple reminded everyone of its initial goal with the App Store adding that 84% of the apps are free, generating the company no revenue.

“{We} developed the App Store with two goals in mind: that it be a safe and trusted place for customers to discover and download apps, and a great business opportunity for entrepreneurs and developers. We’re deeply proud of the countless developers who’ve innovated and found success through our platform.” The company added that 84% of apps are free and don’t provide Apple a share of revenue.

While not the first time the policy has come under examination, Mark Gurman calls it “the biggest backlashes from its giant community of creators since the App Store started almost 12 years ago.” Developers are crucial to Apple’s ecosystem, contributing to a service that has created more than $46 billion in revenue for Apple.

Scrutiny is not limited to coming from developers only. Just this week the European Commission announced an investigation into the App Store, and the US House Judiciary Committee is also probing into anti-trust and anti-competitive behavior. The chairman of that committee, David Cicilline called the store “highway robbery” and said that Apple is “bullying” developers.

Ahead of WWDC, Mark Gurman says that having developer support is crucial for what the company is expected to announce. Bloomberg reported earlier that Apple will announce a major shift to ARM Macs at the event on Monday. Apart of that transition will be developers updating their apps to support the new hardware. The process itself may be lengthy, on top of that, developers will need to juggle updating their apps to take advantage of new features on the rest of Apple’s operating systems.

macOS, the operating system powering the Macs will get improved features that help users port iOS updates to their computers according to the report. At WWDC 2019 Apple introduced Catalysts, a software development feature meant to make it easier for developers to merge iPad apps into Mac apps. Earlier this year the company started to allow developers to merge iPad and Mac app purchases into one, under a single fee.

tvOS is expected to get minor updates with a new Apple TV box set for release later this year. watchOS will gain new kids mode, new Watch faces, and Sleep Tracking. The HomePod, the companies smart-speaker will gain the ability to set default music players such as Spotify and is working on a smaller lower-cost version for later in the year.

As for iOS, Mark Gurman is relatively vague on hopes that Apple will allow users to set default apps, only saying that Apple has “weighed” the feature without specifying if its too be announced. iOS and iPadOS 14 will gain new features for AR and more. The whole new suite of software is the launchpad for the companies plan to roll out a number of new products later in the year.

As a final note, Mark Gurman says in preparation for the company’s first-ever fully online WWDC, Apple engineers have found COIVD19 precautions as a challenge as most of them prepare the event from their homes.

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