A concept gives us hope what macOS could be

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The macOS design scheme has mostly stayed the same from the start. macOS Yosemite gave us a redesigned interface but mostly still remained untouched. macOS Mojave continued to refine and rework system apps, plus a full dark mode.

Besides slight changes, nothing big has happened yet. The design remains classic and iconic to the Mac lineup, but it may be time for a change. A concept made by designer Álvaro Pabesio is a stunning rendition of what Apple could do with the operating system

Taking many design cues from iOS, Pabesio’s concept, named macOS 11 includes a fully redesigned status bar, a redesigned notification center, and heavily redesigned stock apps. It is reported that macOS 10.16 will include iMessage more to the likes of iOS with effects and more. The concept gives us a look at what that may look like.

Once again, like all of the concepts we’ve shared so far, this one looks like it came out of Apple’s website. Apple will release a new version of macOS, iOS and iPadOS, watchOS, and others at WWDC on June 22nd.

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