Experts worry Apple may suspend IDFA at WWDC 2020: report

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DigiDays reports today that ad industry experts are closely following the possibility that Apple may suspend IDFA or identifier for advertisers. The feature allows adversities and companies to track how a user interacts with an ad on an aggerated basis, not individually and is used heavily by developers.

The report outlines how Apple has taken a tough stance for privacy with Apple CEO Tim Cook swinging shots at Facebook for its tracking of users. In 2017 Apple introduced Intelligent Tracking Prevention for Safari ultimately blocking 3rd party cookies.

“If [Apple] truly do what they do [with ITP in]Safari for privacy reasons then IDFA should have been gone three years ago,” said Mathieu Roche, CEO of digital advertising company ID5.


Last year rumors swirled that Apple would suspend the service, but did not come to fruition, as the report:

It’s worth pointing out that there was speculation ahead of last year’s WWDC that IDFA could be on the way out but the rumors didn’t quite come to pass. Instead, the company updated its App Store developer guidelines to ban third-party advertising and analytics within kids apps (previously only behavioral advertising was banned in apps aimed at children.)

Two important industry events have happened since: The California Consumer Privacy Act went into effect in January and, later that month, Google announced its plan to kill off third-party cookies in Chrome within two years. Your move, Apple.


If Apple does remove it without a suitable replacement, many developers will be left without a major source of monetization.

Many iOS app developers rely on the ad-supported model and removing the IDFA could massively disrupt their monetization and hamper their new-user download marketing strategies if Apple doesn’t come up with a suitable alternative. They’d likely need to shift to encouraging users to share data in another form, such as through a login.


A possibility noted by DigiDays is that Appel may not suspend the feature entirely, instead limit its ad tracking capabilities by default. If so, the report expects Apple to include a grace period.

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