Tim Cook talks WWDC, role as CEO, and Apple’s role in society in a rare interview

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In a rare media interview which aired on Sunday, June 21st on “CBS Sunday Morning,” Apple CEO Tim Cook says the that death of George Floyd will “fundamentally” change the world. The CEO also praised the decision by the Supreme Court that makes it illegal for employers to discriminate against workers based on their sexual orientation.

“I was incredibly grateful for their opinion,” Cook told the “60 Minutes correspondent. “And I applaud the justices who stood up and did that. You know, to me, America is on a journey toward equality. And that is one more brick in the wall, and a very important one.”

Mr. Cook also confirmed that he does bring civil rights issues with President Trump, who he has a relatively stable friendship with.

“Of course I do,” Cook told Dickerson. “And on that issue, my mind, as I said before, all roads lead to equality. … I believe that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect. It’s basically that simple. And that we start life on this equal footing and then the people that work hard can get ahead and those sorts of things. But we should start life on an equal footing. And I long for that day.”

Following the death of George Floyd and the uproar in protests and riots, Apple went public supporting the fight against injustices, even starting its own initiative with a commitment of $100 million In the interview the CEO highlights how Apple’s proud that its devices equipped with cameras have been able to capture some of the recent events.

“It’s democratized,” Cook said. “And indisputably you can look at those videos and see what happened as if you were there. And so, it becomes much tougher as a society, I believe, to convince themselves that it didn’t happen, or that it happened in a different manner or whatever it might be.”

The full interview will be aired on Sunday and Apple Terminal will bring you the latest from it.

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