First Hands-on experience with iOS 14, biggest change to iOS since iOS 7

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Today Apple released iOS and iPadOS 14, nearly shocking the world. The new update is the biggest update to iOS and iPadOS since iOS 7 bringing Widgets, a new App Library, new CallUI and so much more. As we dig through the software, our first-hand experience will be recorded below.

Music App

The new music app firstly has a redesigned Listen Now tab featuring much larger album art at the top, and more emphasized personalized recommendations. The Browse tab has gotten some changes is the size for the album art much like the Radio tab. In the library, the artwork is smaller than iOS 13 with more preset options for categories already set at the top. The biggest change appearing in the Search tab with large graphics for different styles of music.

Additionally, the background when paling music is now standard, versus with iOS 13 which required lyrics to be enabled. The album page has gotten updated with the album artwork taking the center spotlight, and the haptic touch menu has minor touchups.

App Library

The new App Library is at the end of your home screen and offers automatically curated categories for the apps on your device. Certain categories will open up bigger when pressing the app tiles in the corner, others however won’t. It purely depends on how many apps of certain categories you have on your device. There are also Siri suggestions as to the first tile, which will improve with time.

Translate App:

The Trsnalte app, a brand new translation app on iOS and iPadOS makes it even easier to translate either text to text, or speech to text right ton your device. There is an option to enable offline translation by downloading a package of phrases onto your devices but Apple says it may not be as accurate. The app also features Automatic Detection, meaning if you aren’t certain on which language a person is speaking, the app should pick it up

The design remains fairly simple with options at the top to select different languages, and along the bottom, you have a Favorites tab as well.

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