Here’s where you can watch the WWDC keynote live

Where to watch WWDC 1

This year, everyone gets front row seats to Apple’s biggest developer conference yet thanks to it being fully online. Like every year, Apple will host a keynote at the start on June 22nd at 10 AM PDT to reveal its latest operating systems and possibly hardware.

There are multiple different ways you can watch the keynote. What will likely be the most popular is Apple’s official live stream on YouTube, which like the past will include a full recording of the event afterward.

Apple is also providing the stream via the Apple Developer app available for iPhone/iPad, and the Mac. Alongside being able to watch the keynote, developers can access sessions and in-depth information on Apple’s new software.

If you own an Apple Watch, the previously designated app Apple Events app has now been merged into the Apple TV app. There will be a live stream via the Apple TV although if possible, you’re better off relying on YouTube for better streaming quality.

Apple Terminal is providing full 24/7 coverage of WWDC 2020 right here on and on our Twitter. This year we’ll be covering the event in a completely new way. Follow us for coverage like you’ve never seen before.

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