WWDC Interview with Craig Federighi and Greg Joswiak

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Keeping up with WWDC tradition, The Talk Show’s very own John Gruber sat down with Apple’s SVP of Software Enrgering Craig Federighi and Apple’s head of Marketing Greg Joswaik to discuss WWDC 20.

In the interview, Greg addresses the App Store, and the recent controversy surrounding it saying on a response to whether or not Apple listens to developers that WWDC is about developers. He adds that developers have changed in the world and the reason behind Apple’s extensive efforts with WWDC.

Greg fails to directly address the main area of concern being App Store policy, however, prior to WWDC Apple’s Phil Schiller said no changes are planned for the store. In the interview Craig Fedreghi, the companies SVP of OSfwtare Engeriing says the announcement of Apple moving its Mac lineup to its own Silicon chips represents a major investment in the future of the Mac.

With Apple’s move to its own custom chips in the lineup, iOS and iPadOS apps can run on the Mac. Gruber brings up to Craig that at WWDC 2019, HE made clear with the launch of Catalysts that they aren’t merging the Mac and iOS. However, Craig says that they will continue to move the Mac forward in “big and bold ways.”

Craig says that Catalyst is still a multi-year project and isn’t something that they expect to be done in 1-2 years. He adds that Catalyst was a strategic move to enable iOS and iPadOS apps to work on the Mac. Addressing concerns that Catalyst is limited, Craig says that taking an app coded for touch, and moving it to the Mac while taking full advantage of the hardware is a challenge.

macOS Big Sur also dismisses the macOS X, moving onto to macOS 11. Craig says that with the release of the Apple Silicon, the team felt it was the right time to have a symbolic change of numbering. Seemingly snubbing the competition, Craig says that the Mac Mini with the A12Z chip for the DTK (Developer Transition Kit) is a powerful Mac and that the chip team “isn’t even trying.”

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