Apple wins deal to co-produce new psychological thriller for Apple TV+

“Losing Alice” key art

Apple announced on Friday that the neo-noir psychological thriller “Losing Alice” will join Apple TV plus, per the press release,”

Apple has partnered with Israel’s Dori Media productions in association with HOT on “Losing Alice,” which recently hosted its premiere as part of the We Are One: A Global Film Festival. The first season of the hotly anticipated, eight-episode series will stream worldwide later this year, exclusively on Apple TV+, and is currently airing on HOT in Israel.

The series uses flashbacks as a means to convey a story to the reader which Apple describes as “satisfyingly complex.” The story follows a 28-year female director who feels out of place in her family, after a small encounter she then falls in love with a 24-year old screenwriter. In the end, she gives up her “moral integrity” in order to “have power, relevance, and success.”

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