Apple September event will be “massive” and fully digital says leaker

iphoen 12 digital and massive event rect

Wrapping up WWDC 2020, we now look forward to Apple’s next big annual event, the September event. While doubt still remains over the exact launch of the iPhone 12, Apple is still expected to hold its annual event in September, it’s biggest hardware event.

Today leaker @jioriku shared a slew of new information regarding the event. Firstly, the leaker says that the rumored Apple TV with the A12X Bionic chip will be released in September, with a launch prior very unlikely.

WWDC was pushed digital given the situation of COVID19 around the world, with the circumstances not seeming to get easier anytime soon the leaker says Apple is planning for a fully digital September event. There was rumored hardware for WWDC, however, it all got slated last-minute reportedly for the sake of having an “absolutely massive” event in the fall. Included in the rumored hardware launch at dub-dub was an Apple gaming controller which the leaker now says is set for the fall.

The leaker says the September keynote will be similar to WWDC, filmed at Apple Park with impressive production quality. Lastly, the leaker says that at the event they will introduce new ARM and Intel MacBooks, with the MacBook lineup set to be the only ARM equipped Mac but that the iMac is also set for an Apple Silicon chip.

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