Apple Executive defends App Store policy amid investigations, says it does not dominate any market

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As Apple faces more pressure to change its App Store policy, an Apple executive in Europe is going on the defensive. Daniel Matray, Apple’s head of App store and Media Services in the region says that the App Store has, and will continue to serve customers. As Bloomberg reports,

“Our efforts to help developers succeed are broad, deep and ongoing, and they extend to apps — in music, email, or a variety of other categories — that compete with some aspect of our business,” Daniel Matray, the iPhone maker’s head of App Store and media services in Europe, said in a speech Tuesday at a four-day virtual conference hosted by Forum Europe.

Comparing the app store to a “quality department store,” the executive on Tuesday stressed the investment and innovation needed by Apple to maintain the platform and ensure that all apps meet the same baseline quality and reliability standards.

In the same speech as reported by Reuters, Daniel says that Apple competes with multiple companies and that it does not have a dominant position in any market.

“We compete with a wide variety of companies, Google, Samsung, Huawei, Vivo, LG, Lenovo and many more,” Daniel Matray, head of Apple’s App Store and Apple Media Services, told a Forum Europe online event.

“In fact, Apple does not have a dominant position in any market, and we face strong competition in every category, in tablets, wearables, desktop and notebook computers, maps, music, payments, messaging, and more,” he said.

Apple is facing antitrust probes in the EU, and calls for CEO Tim Cook to testify in a US House Committee are still standing. The largest topic of discussion revolves around Apple’s policy that it takes 15% to 30% commission for in-app purchases made through the store.

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