Apple begins removing Chinese apps from Indian App Store

apple removing chinese apps in india rect

In compliance with a recent decision by the Indian government, Apple and Google have begun removing apps from the Indian App Store and Play Store, as the TechCrunch reports:

UC Browser, Shareit, and Club Factory and other apps that India has blocked are no longer listed on Apple’s  App Store and Google  Play Store. In a statement, a Google spokesperson said that the company had “temporarily blocked access to the apps”on Google Play Store as it reviews New Delhi’s interim order.

While Google confirmed the removal of the apps, an Apple spokesperson did not provide a comment. The Indian government says the decision to remove the apps come from a breach of privacy law within the country. However, given the timing of the decision 2 weeks after a border dispute with China, this is likely a politically driven move rather than a legal one.

In response to the accusation of breaching privacy law, Kevin Mayer, an executive at TikTok said the app follows all Indian law, throwing the Indian government’s reasoning into shambles. China has yet responded to the move by India, but any response would add to already escalating tensions between the two nuclear countries.

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