Kuo: iPhone 12 to feature “high-end” camera lens system

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On Friday Apple analysts Ming Chi-Kuo in an investor note said that the iPhone 12 will feature a “high-end” camera lens system for the rear-facing camera.

Kuo in the note obtained by Apple Terminal says that shipments of the lens from supplier Loargan will begin in Mid-July. It’s reported that Largan in specfic will experience delays in shipments of the system of around 4-6 weeks. Kuo fails to mention which model in the iPhone 12 lineup will include this high-end camera system, however, it’s most likely the two highest-end ones.

The 2020 iPhone lineup is set to include 4 models, two-lower ends 5.4 and 6.1-inch variants, and two 6.1 and 6.7-inch higher-end models. All of the devices will include a rumored more iPad Pro like design, an A14 chip, 5G, and more.

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