Apple releases watchOS 7 developer beta 2

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With the new beta releases for iOS/iPadOS 14 and macOS Big Sur, Apple also released watchOS 7 beta 2 to developers. The update will build on changes in beta 1 while fixing and patching reported bugs.

On the surface, watchOS 7 seems like a small update, but it does include some noteworthy features. The one feature catching everyone’s attention is the ability for the watch to detect when a user is watching their hands, counting down 20 seconds for them. Apple says watchOS 7 and the hardware uses sensory data and the sound of water and soap to activate the detection.

watchOS 7 also, in conjunction with iOS 14 brings Sleep Tracking to the watch. When going to bed a user can wear the watch which will then use the accelerometer to detect movements throughout the night. The feature has been lacking on Apple’s lineup for years as other companies such as FitBit and the Samsung Galaxy Watch continue to advance in the technology. Unlike others, the watch doesn’t detect different types of sleep, simply how long a user slept.

A new feature in watchOS 7 is face sharing. Once launched in the fall, users will be able to share different watch faces with friends and family with custom complications, layouts, and more. Apple still doesn’t offer the ability for 3rd party apps to create watch faces but does in watchOS 7 allow apps to have more than one complication on a watch face.

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