Team Pangu teases an exciting new vulnerability

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Today, as brought to light by the checkra1n team the jailbreak community may be seeing a very exciting new vulnerability in the coming weeks at MOSEC 2020. (The Mobile Security Conference)

This conference, which is being held on July 23rd is organized by the POC conference team along with the legendary Team Pangu.

The team changed the jailbreak community forever by their many untethered jailbreaks for iOS 7, 8, and 9.

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As seen by this photo, (not to mention Apple used this photo during this year’s WWDC to show off the power of the new Apple Silicon chips) this vulnerability being a Secure Enclave Processor (SEP) vulnerability thanks to hacker & co-founder of Team Pangu Hao Xu.

Not to mention Apple used this photo during this year’s WWDC to show off the power of the new Apple Silicon chips.

The Secure Enclave is what holds lots of your sensitive information such as Touch ID, Face ID, Apple Pay information, and even your password.

SEP has almost always been more of a pain than a blessing to the jailbreak community. If this vulnerability is actually what it seems to be, the possibilities are endless.

We would finally be able to downgrade & even dual boot to different versions of iOS all while retaining full functionality of things such as Face ID and Touch ID.

Thanks to hacker Wang Yu, we will be shown over a dozen vulnerabilities mainly affecting Wi-Fi kernel components.

Also, keep in mind that there is a great chance that these vulnerabilities will NOT be compatible with all devices and only some older devices, the same way the boot-ROM exploit checkm8 is.

There is also always a chance these vulnerabilities simply stay private and are just shown off.

Coincidentally, the conference that these vulnerabilities are being unveiled at is “platinum” sponsored by Chinese competitor Huawei.

We cannot wait to see what this conference has in store for us!

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Ethan H
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