Apple says it has found no human rights violations at one of its suppliers in China following assertion by US gov.

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On Monday the United States Department of Commerce added 11 companies to a list of suppliers in China it believes is in violation of human rights. Included in the list is Apple supplier Nanchang-O-Film, a supplier that makes touchscreens, fingerprint sensors, and more.

In a statement to The New York Times an Apple spokesperson said that an investigation was carried out in March against the supplier once it had learned about the allegations. It added that it dispatched an independent 3rd party team of investigators to the plant to conduct “surprise audits in June and July.”

“Apple is dedicated to ensuring everyone in our supply chain is treated with dignity and respect,” Josh Rosenstock, an Apple spokesman, said in a statement. “We have found no evidence of any forced labor on Apple production lines and we plan to continue monitoring.”

The New York TImes
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