Apple seeds iOS 14 Beta 3 for developer testing

ios 14 beta 3 rect

After two weeks of waiting, Apple has released the third beta of iOS 14 to people apart of the Apple Developer Program. iOS and iPadOS 14 brings a completely new layout to the home screen thanks to the introduction of Widgets and the App Library. iOS 14 also brings a smaller incoming call, a brand new Siri user interface, and more.

The first and second betas are incredibly stable. Users have mixed reviews on the battery drain. To combat the battery drain, we recommend you do a full restore with NO backup. You will not lose any data as long as you have everything on iCloud. The only things you will lose are the apps (which can be re-downloaded) and your iOS Settings.

There were other minor bugs in the Developer Beta 2 such as keyboard glitches and you are still not able to change the size of widgets without deleting them. There are also various Messages app bugs that are hard to reproduce but we should expect to see a fix for them.

Features we are still waiting for are Default Browsers, Third-Party widgets, several Apple app widgets that were actually demoed in WWDC, Third-Party Picture-in-Picture, App Clips APIs, and other UI enhancements and changes. Learn more about what was announced at WWDC here.

For live updates on what’s new in this beta, follow us on Twitter @AppleTerminal.

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