T-Mobile launches new $25 per month 5G plan, with a twist.

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5G is slowly taking on a more mainstream role in society with more handsets supporting the faster technology, with the iPhone joining the party this fall. With that, competition between carriers is fierce, each battling to boost its 5G technology and offer customers low prices.

Today, T-Mobile announced its newest attempt to attract customers. As reported by CNET, the new plan offers customers unlimited text, talk, and 5G data for $25 per month with up to 4 lines. However, users must use the companies AutoPay system which automatically chargers customers at the end of the month.

If you aren’t a fan of automatically getting charged at the end of the month, there will be an added $5 fee. While the new plan is on par with current plans from the carrier, you’re actually getting less. Taxes and fees are not included, it does not include international data roaming beyond Mexico and Canada, and Hotspot sharing is limited to 3G data speeds.

The new plan goes live on July 24th for new and existing Spring/T-Mobile customers. For small businesses, customers can get up to 6 lines on the plan with each separately costing $20 per month. A spokesperson for T-Mobile told CNET that the offer is a “limited-time promotion,” but did not specify an end date.

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