Apple contractors looks to create 55,000 jobs in India within a year

apple contract coreating 55k jobs in india rect

A key, unknown contract manufacturer for Apple is planning to shift 6 production lines to India with the hopes of exporting around $5 billion worth of iPhones according to the Times of India.

The Times cites sources stating that the move of production lines will generate 55,000 jobs in the span of a “year or so.” The move of production lines is set to be for the iPhones, however, the contractor may expand to other product categories.

The entire report doesn’t state which manufacturer in specfic is moving, however, yesterday 3 of Apple’s biggest suppliers applied for an Indian gov. scheme. The scheme set forth by the government aims to attract foreign investment in smartphone production in a bid to expand the local economy.

All of this comes as Apple and its suppliers look to move operations outside of China due to disturbances caused by the COVID19 outbreak. Additionally, Apple is coming under increased scrutiny for its alleged close ties to the Chinese government over content censorship, and user privacy.

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