Apple hit with $1.4 billion lawsuit over Siri in China, the lawsuit tells Apple to stop selling products in China

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Apple is facing a $1.4 billion patent infringement lawsuit by Chinese firm Shanghai Zhizhen Network Technology, as reported in a paywalled Wall Street Journal report.

The company recently won a Chinese patent for a voice assistant, only after winning the patent, the company now claims that Siri’s own architecture infringes upon its own patent. On Monday, the company said in a statement it is suing Apple for 10 billion yuan or $1.43 billion for patent damages.

Inlcuded in the lawsuit is Shanghai Zhihen asking Apple to stop the sales of any product that uses the so “called infringed patents,” aka Siri, or any Apple device. Apple, the worlds most iconic and balauable brand often faces trademark and patent challenges in China. Apple tries to as much as possible to take companies to court who are creating counterfeit or fake vierisons of its products or services that infringe on its own patent.

In June China’s Supreme Court ruled that Shanghai Zhihen owns the patent for a virtual voice assistant. The ruling marked the end of a long trail that was ongoing since 2012 and is the 3rd time Apple has faced such challenges in less than a decade. Apple declined to comment on the legal matter.

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