Apple launches macOS Big Sur public beta program with developer beta 4

macOS 11 public beta rect

Today Apple released the first version in what will be a summer-long round of macOS Big Sur public beta updates. The first version of the public beta is labeled as beta 4 to keep it in line with developer updates. Apple has been running betas for macOS Big Sur since WWDC on June 22nd for registrted paid developers.

This week Apple released macOS Big Sur developer beta 4 which came with mainly under the hood improvements rather than major front-end changes. macOS Big Sur is the biggest visual change to macOS since its introduction. The new operating systems include new icons and a completely new design languages across the system.

The public beta program gives non-developers a chance to test Apple’s future operating systems. You can register here, however note that even though it is open to the public, it is still a beta. Appel advises not to install beta software on your main devices due to bugs, and the possibility of unexpected data loss.

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