Apple launches watchOS public beta program for the first time

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Today for the first time Apple launched its wacthOS public beta program. Previously, the program ran for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and tvOS giving non-developers a chance to test Apple’s upcoming software.

While the exact reasoning Apple held off on a watchOS program remains unknown, it’s likely due to the fact that watchOS betas can not be uninstalled, an added risk Apple may have considered. Once on a beta release, there is no way without visiting an Apple Store or authorized service center to revert back to the public release.

Given that, even though it is open to everyone, we advise heavily to wait until watchOS 7 is released this fall before installing it. If you are interested in installing the public beta, you can register here. Today’s public beta is labeled as beta 4 to keep it in line with developer beta releases.

On the surface watchOS 7 is a small update, however, changes such has handwashing detection, the ability to share watch faces, and more make it an exciting update for Apple Watch customers this fall. Learn more about watchOS 7 here.

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